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Hey you. Guess what?



But hurry up - there is a limited supply!

All purchases can be made on my artist profile with Saatchi Art - Devon Tucker Saatchi

Better Late Than Never

Wow finally!!!

So this last fall, I shot my last issue of UGAzine and it was supposed to have hit the stands around campus in OCTOBER... Long story short, the magazine's production was postponed due to some internal issues within UGAzine but thankfully the team of editors pulled it off after I graduated & it finally was distributed around the UGA campus! 

Sadly, I don't have a copy of the entire issue but I am happy to share the fashion section with you all.

Shoutout to my rockstar team -

  • Jenny Rim - @jennyrimm (styling, hair/makeup),
  • Mary Grace Heath - @marygracecheath (photo & styling) 
  • Liza Morell - @lizardmorell (styling & smoke bomb expert) 

AND our incredible models

  • Cate Malanoski @kt_twirls
  • Palmer Heath @palmerheath

*Keep in mind that this spread was supposed to come out right before Halloween* 

Here Now



“Here Now"


Waves are crashing, sun is rising and it is just me and the sand. 


Here now, is serenity.


Here now, is a clear mind.


Here now, are my thoughts.



Wandering hopefully for a new adventure.

Post Grad Collaborations

Attention my fellow creatives in Southern California!

After a month of taking a post grad breather, it is time to hit the ground running to find my next great adventure (and a career lol). 

Whether you are a photographer or a creative, I would love to collaborate with you!

Let’s explore. 

Feel free to shoot me a DM on Instagram (@devonlaureenphoto).

- Devon


I don't have much content to share with you all right now, but don't worry, everything will be up and running shortly! In the meantime, I recently have fallen in love with Herewith Magazine and you all should definitely check them out.

Hit The Road: From Georgia to California

During one of my final days as a college student, a professor of mine gave our class the perfect advice for life. 

Own a dog, and don't spend your money on things. Spend it on travel and experiences.

And I could not agree more.


11 States, 5 Days, a few new spark plugs and almost 2,600 miles later.. We made it home! Shout out to my incredible dad for agreeing to join me on this trek home. Our country has some amazing gems, from the musical town of Memphis to the break taking views of our National Parks. What a road trip it was!


Wandering Aimlessly

Windows are rolled down, the sun is setting and all cell service is lost. It is just me and the road. Almost a month has gone by and I can't shake the magic of Big Sur out of my head. There was something about exploring this beautiful section of PCH all by myself that brought me so much joy, and I wish I could put it into words for you all but the euphoria I felt truly was spectacular. 

Here are some highlights from my afternoon spent in this remarkable place!

A Letter To A Dear Friend

I can't believe a year has gone by without you here. There doesn't go a day where I miss seeing your smiling face while walking around the streets of Athens... Love you buddy.


See the original here.

To the man behind the camera.

I remember the day I knew we would be friends. You walked into our Color & Composition class my sophomore year wearing rainbows, shorts and a t-shirt despite it being about 45 degrees outside. Then you proceeded to take over the music and played about 5 of my favorite songs in a row. How is it that you can meet a stranger and immediately feel like you've been friends for years? Jack you had that effect on people.  You brought out the inner good in everyone and your love for life spread like wild fire. Your love for adventure and life's treasures was evident in every photo you took. From climbing to the top of buildings to get the perfect shot (which is exactly what you did for this shot) or running around the Sheep's Den barefoot with your camera in hand.

Thank you Jack. Thank you for capturing the moments in life that go unseen. Thank you for teaching me the gift we call life. Thank you for spreading happiness to everyone you met. Thank you for introducing me to Rainbow Kitten Surprise.  Thank you for dancing to Free Bird with me whenever we found a live band playing in a bar downtown. Thank you for accepting me for who I am. And most of all thank you for being my friend. 

Love you Jack and I will forever be living by your words -- "heres to the eternal search for the next great adventure, and the ones that didn't end as well, because what's life if not unpredictable?"

Rest Easy.


**for those who never met the beautiful soul Jack.. take some time to view life through his eyes >> http://jackusry.com/ 

New York, I Love You.


Hate is a powerful word. How does one get to the point where hate takes over all good in mankind?

The recent terror acts in New York City have truly sunk deep in my heart. In a city that represents strength and independence in our country, it aches to think that someone would try to take that away from us and intentionally hurt innocent citizens. 

The Hudson River bike path is a spot I spent many sunny afternoons after work while I lived there last summer. It was a place to run and clear my head. With each step one can see Ellis Island, One World Trade, the Empire State Building and many other landmarks. These views are seen by both New York City locals and visitors and gives each and everyone a sense of peace and ease in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Stay strong New York City. 

Keep on running and riding down the Hudson and conquer this attack with strength and love. 

Love you. 


New York, I Love You.

New York, I Love You.

When 7 Girls Go To Asheville...

Here's to good vibes. Beautiful days. Memorable moments. Great Friends. And delicious beer ;)

Asheville, I Love You.



A Gem

Here is a gem of a video for all of my fellow creatives out there. Enjoy!


*I may or may not be suffering from the travel bug right now.. Anyone want to go to Australia? 

Here's to wandering hopefully

Recently I have been thinking about the last two years. Actually, I have been thinking about the fall over the last two years and a lot has passed by. Whether it was love, joy or sorrow... Fall permanently has a mark on my heart and I will cherish it deeply.


A friend used to tell me "Three things you should always have in your backpack are - a blanket, small speakers and a journal".

  1.  A blanket. For unexpected moments on a beautiful day when all you want to do is sit and enjoy your surroundings.
  2. Speakers. What's life without good tunes?
  3. A journal. For anything really.. Daily thoughts, a million dollar idea, notes... You get the idea.

So with the summer heat finally making its way out so fall can finally settle in, I will take your wise words and finally put them back into action. This may be the first fall without you in my life, but I know you will be by my side while I'm chilling on North Campus on a blanket with Rainbow Kitten Surprise playing and writing in my thrashed Moleskin notebook.

Here's to 'wandering hopefully'.

Dear Athens

Life. It's a funny thing.

It seems like it was just yesterday when I was moving into my freshman dorm with a stranger from Long Island, New York. I was a pre-finance major at the time, who had a passion for photography.

Now flash forward almost 5 years... I am sitting in Hendershot's in Athens, GA a journalism major, thinking about how that stranger from freshman year is one of my closest friends, looking for a job on LinkedIn and counting down my final weeks in this incredible town. 

Athens, GA is a town that has always been a constant in my life and forever will be. It shaped me as a little girl when I came to town to watch the Dawgs play between the hedges and it has shaped me into an adult as I have called it home since 2013. Where will life take me next? The answer is unknown. Whether it is taking on the avenues of the Big Apple or moving back to the blue skies and seas of Southern California, Athens will forever be the town with a special place in my heart.

Thank you Athens for teaching me to be myself. Thank you for your incredible people. Thank you for your awesome music. Thank you for letting me make mistakes. Thank you for football. Thank you for these 4 1/2 years.

Athens, I Love You.

City Hall. Athens, GA. Spring 2017