Here's to wandering hopefully

Recently I have been thinking about the last two years. Actually, I have been thinking about the fall over the last two years and a lot has passed by. Whether it was love, joy or sorrow... Fall permanently has a mark on my heart and I will cherish it deeply.


A friend used to tell me "Three things you should always have in your backpack are - a blanket, small speakers and a journal".

  1.  A blanket. For unexpected moments on a beautiful day when all you want to do is sit and enjoy your surroundings.
  2. Speakers. What's life without good tunes?
  3. A journal. For anything really.. Daily thoughts, a million dollar idea, notes... You get the idea.

So with the summer heat finally making its way out so fall can finally settle in, I will take your wise words and finally put them back into action. This may be the first fall without you in my life, but I know you will be by my side while I'm chilling on North Campus on a blanket with Rainbow Kitten Surprise playing and writing in my thrashed Moleskin notebook.

Here's to 'wandering hopefully'.