New York, I Love You.


Hate is a powerful word. How does one get to the point where hate takes over all good in mankind?

The recent terror acts in New York City have truly sunk deep in my heart. In a city that represents strength and independence in our country, it aches to think that someone would try to take that away from us and intentionally hurt innocent citizens. 

The Hudson River bike path is a spot I spent many sunny afternoons after work while I lived there last summer. It was a place to run and clear my head. With each step one can see Ellis Island, One World Trade, the Empire State Building and many other landmarks. These views are seen by both New York City locals and visitors and gives each and everyone a sense of peace and ease in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Stay strong New York City. 

Keep on running and riding down the Hudson and conquer this attack with strength and love. 

Love you. 


New York, I Love You.

New York, I Love You.