A Letter To A Dear Friend

I can't believe a year has gone by without you here. There doesn't go a day where I miss seeing your smiling face while walking around the streets of Athens... Love you buddy.


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To the man behind the camera.

I remember the day I knew we would be friends. You walked into our Color & Composition class my sophomore year wearing rainbows, shorts and a t-shirt despite it being about 45 degrees outside. Then you proceeded to take over the music and played about 5 of my favorite songs in a row. How is it that you can meet a stranger and immediately feel like you've been friends for years? Jack you had that effect on people.  You brought out the inner good in everyone and your love for life spread like wild fire. Your love for adventure and life's treasures was evident in every photo you took. From climbing to the top of buildings to get the perfect shot (which is exactly what you did for this shot) or running around the Sheep's Den barefoot with your camera in hand.

Thank you Jack. Thank you for capturing the moments in life that go unseen. Thank you for teaching me the gift we call life. Thank you for spreading happiness to everyone you met. Thank you for introducing me to Rainbow Kitten Surprise.  Thank you for dancing to Free Bird with me whenever we found a live band playing in a bar downtown. Thank you for accepting me for who I am. And most of all thank you for being my friend. 

Love you Jack and I will forever be living by your words -- "heres to the eternal search for the next great adventure, and the ones that didn't end as well, because what's life if not unpredictable?"

Rest Easy.


**for those who never met the beautiful soul Jack.. take some time to view life through his eyes >> http://jackusry.com/